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Why We Started TVC?

TVC was started by 4 veterinarians from around the US to level the playing field in pricing, marketing and business techniques between independent practices and the growing corporate hospitals, big box stores, pharmacies and online providers that are encroaching on the independent animal hospital's ability to be profitable. These large corporations entering the veterinary industry are squeezing out the independents, as they have in most every other industry. Member owned cooperatives level the playing field as they have in many other industries ensuring independent business, in this case veterinary hospitals, remain competitive and profitable. TVC's goal is to have the same purchasing power and marketing prowess as the big box stores by growing to 5,000 independent animal hospitals that would have sales and purchasing power equal or greater than these corporate competitors.



Who We Are


The Mission that Drives Us

  • TVC will be a positive cooperative community of veterinarians and suppliers, who share a vision to provide the best animal care through independent veterinary practices, mutually benefiting all who do business with the Cooperative.

  • TVC will be owned and guided by its independently owned veterinary members and will be managed by professional cooperative personnel. All profits will be returned to TVC member veterinarians in the form of rebate distributions.


Over 2000 Hospitals are Members of TVC



Rich Morris

Chief Executive Officer


Richard Morris has been the CEO of The Veterinary Cooperative from its inception.  Previously, Richard spent 15 years advising national cooperatives and corporations on strategy and operations as a principal at ROI Consulting.  Richard also served as an executive and director at Fel-Pro, .....[Read More]

Dr. Anna Coffin

Chair of the Board of Directors

Dr. Anna Coffin graduated from Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994.  She practiced as an associate veterinarian in New Hampshire for three years.  In 1997, Dr. Anna Coffin moved back to her home town of Guth....[Read More]

TVC Staff

Allison Morris




TVC Board of Directors